(Warning: video contains a cuss word.)

I don’t know much about the Hamilton, Canada band, Arkells, but I purchased the song “Deadlines” from their debut album, Jackson Street in 2008, the year it was released. 

A few years later, in a job where my days often felt like they were awash in unmeetable deadlines, I’d sometimes start the day blasting this track from my iPod dock. (I’m not sure if the act was intended to be inspirational, motivational, or just rebellious.) 

“They’re sitting up in the board room
And you see it like a fly on the wall
You can hear the man in the suit say
We don’t have time to stall

We got deadlines to meet”

(from “Deadlines,” by Nick Dika, Tim Oxford, Max Kerman, Mike DeAngelis, Dan Griffin) 

I was generally the first at the office, so I could do that without disturbing anyone at 7:30 am. I was always the last there, too, usually until 6:30 pm — and that was on an early day — so I feel like I earned early retirement! 

When these long days became the norm, I treated myself to an iPod dock so I could sometimes have music playing in the background while I tended to my hyperactive email inbox whilst, apparently, most people had moved on with their lives. I chose Tivoli Audio’s iYiYi iPod dock as I thought the name was clever, and it looked really sharp, sounded great, and had both AM and FM radio reception… I occasionally needed to listen to AM radio news broadcasts.

I also have enjoyed Arkells’ song, “Oh, The Boss Is Coming!” and purchased that one more recently. 

Now you know a little about why this is my song of the day for today. Please enjoy. And don’t stay late… I FINALLY learned the saying (or scientific theory) that “work expands to fill the time allotted.”

Here’s a video from Arkells’ YouTube channel (a live performance in Berlin):

PS: The band breaks toward the end of the song to interject a little of the song, “This Little Light of Mine” in this performance.

(And, here’s the better-produced, studio version (also official).)

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