Trade Winds

When I reunited with some of my high school buddies in about 1982, they’d branched out into a bigger group of friends: in addition to the original crew, I now had friends who were from north St. Vital in Winnipeg. Parents of one of these friends were very welcoming. They invited a group of five of us into their home in Tsawwassen, British Columbia (a suburb of Vancouver) on our way to Whistler, BC in 1983 for a skiing holiday. Not only that, the mom sent us up with several meals to enjoy in our ski condo, and they loaned us a car! I went back to this friend’s place and visited him and his parents on my own a year or so later… I have loved Vancouver since first being there in 1980 (for more on my “Vancouver period,” see my post of January 19, 2020, “A New Career in a New Town”). My sweety and I have dear friends who live in Delta, which is near Tsawwassen, whom we’ve visited twice; once in 2007 and once in 2011. Sweety talks to her friend often, but we’re long overdue for another in-person visit! 

Back to the 1980s though; the Winnipeg nightclub scene was embracing the New Wave movement, and my old/newfound friends were all into music, especially dance music. These friendships exposed me to a lot of music I hadn’t heard of before, like Duran Duran, Human League, New Order, Depeche Mode, OMD and others that I discovered myself as a result, like The Psychedelic Furs (January 5, 2020, my first post). Plus, earlier favourites of mine like Bowie and Ultravox were now played in these clubs; or at least their “dance-oriented” new wave tracks were. 

In my opinion, one of Canada’s best offerings to the New Wave/dance club scene was Spoons, a band I learned of through the expanded St. Norbert gang. Spoons are famous for such 80s hits as “Nova Heart” and “Romantic Traffic.” The latter track is on the soundtrack of the film, Listen to the City, in which band member Sandy Horne acted. Canadian Daniel Lanois engineered Spoons’ first album (see my posts on Deep Blue Day and Under a Stormy Sky for some of his work), but their big break came with their second album, Arias & Symphonies, which produced three hit singles. The band became so successful they were a tour supporting act for Martha and the Muffins (I’ve mentioned this Canadian band several times, who are also known as M+M) then, later, Simple Minds (see my January 14, 2020 post for a song by them) and the Police. I didn’t follow Spoons much past 1985, but still listen to their stuff occasionally and am sure I recently heard a track on KEXP Seattle. I don’t think I’ve ever played Listen to the City. I do that sometimes with books and records, but I eventually get to them…

Today’s track is the instrumental opener from Arias & Symphonies. Browsing through my digital collection yesterday, I came upon Spoons songs and enjoyed hearing them. I think it’s a terrific example of electronic music and the important contributions Canadian talent has made and continues to make in every musical genre, and stacks up well with other music from the instrumental space. The piece sounds like it might have been a concert opener (check out my February 8, 2020 post for what I think is another excellent example of one).

Music, as you will have gathered by now if you know me or are following my posts, is very important to me and hearing music from my past causes me to relive memories, including relationships I’ve had in my life. While not all of them turned out well, I’m grateful for what I learned through all of them and am learning to give myself slack for past failings.

Now you know a little about why this is my song of the day for today. Thanks for joining me here, and please enjoy. 

Here’s the official audio from Spoons’ YouTube channel:

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