Strange Little Girl

When one of our boys played the Tori Amos CD, Strange Little Girls in 2001, I was immediately intrigued by each of the 12 songs on the album, all of which are covers. I later found they were all intended as reinterpretations from a female perspective, on songs written by men. 

I didn’t realize until reading the CD liner notes yesterday that American musical wizard Adrian Belew is the primary guitarist on the album (funny, I always thought he was a Brit… anyway, he gets a mention in this recent post). Today’s selection is a cover of a song written in 1974 by the Stranglers, an English punk band. Their label rejected the song but released it in 1982, and it immediately became a hit. Hmmm.

The toughest thing about buying the CD was deciding which of the four different versions of the cover art on the USA version to choose… each is unique and creative: Amos wore different hair, makeup and clothes for twelve photos representing each track on the album. The image on the YouTube audio at the bottom of today’s post is the photo for The Beatles’ “Happiness is a Warm Gun.” Serendipitously, the cover art on my copy of the CD cover is the photo for “Strange Little Girl.”)

Photo of a CD case and liner notes.
CD liner notes and the 12 song photos contained in the “Strange Little Girl” version of the Tori Amos CD Strange Little Girls. The photo for the song “Strange Little Girl” is second from left. The same photo, as the album cover, is vaguely visible on the reverse side of the liner notes at the far left.

My memories of playing the CD are from road trips around that time: driving to a cottage-care-and-use arrangement we had on Lake Manitoba or, in the USA, to the south shore of Lake of the Woods, Grand Forks, and Minneapolis. I remember some of the more haunting tracks sounded much more dramatic when played out on the open road after dark.

Yesterday, after listening to Strange Little Girls, I listened to some of Amos’s 2007 release, American Doll Posse, which has some great tunes on it. I may not have ever listened to the album before, despite having it in my digital collection! I have some of her other CDs as well, and don’t remember a lot of the music. Plenty of stuff to listen to, for years to come.

Now you know a little about why this is my song of the day for today. Thanks for joining me here, and please enjoy. 

Here’s the official audio from Tori Amos’s YouTube channel:

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