if i grew up

As many of you know, today, Bandcamp is waiving all its fees so that 100% of purchases on their site will go to the artists. It’s one of several ways for us to help musicians and for them to benefit from your support as well as the kind gesture by Bandcamp in this time of global upheaval amidst us being cloistered in our homes. Bandcamp’s site says fans have supported musicians with USD 10.5 million in the last 30 days alone. That’s great, but it’s a small amount when divided among all the artists using that platform as a storefront.

In previous posts, I’ve linked to our own Kieran West’s Bandcamp page. He will have more music there soon but, in the meantime, why not scoop up his original CD today? Kieran doesn’t work full-time in music but like so many others, faces an uncertain future as the vital work he does for others work shuts down to aid in the control of the COVID-19 pandemic. He’s a local favourite of many, and his music is also on Apple Music and Spotify.

And earlier today, I read a Facebook post by a friend I met in Connecticut, USA in 2012. Noah Baerman is a musician, producer, blogger and all-around kind human being. He advocates for fellow artists and is generous in his promotion and praise of them. He blogged a long list of people’s music, and I landed on Jess Best’s album, Kid Again. I listened to most of the songs and fell in love with her magical voice and the beautifully arranged strings. My favourite so far is the song, “if i grew up.” I highly recommend the album.

Kid Again is the third album I’ve bought in as many days and, being at home virtually all the time, I should have time to actually listen to them all. (Well, I did already spin Del Barber’s JUNO-nominated Easy Keeper, and listened to the premiere of Brian and Roger Eno’s Mixing Colours last night… so I’m relatively up to date.)

Best, of New York, USA, has a sound unlike much of the music I listen to. The song “if i grew up” seems to be about the cycles and complexity of life, growing up and death; phases that seem so much more pronounced as we suddenly are living in a time like few have seen since the 1930s and 1940s in the last great war, with all the uncertainty, hardship and necessary restrictions on society. Our parents and grandparents made it through that time, and so will we now.

It’s a time to talk with folks as much as possible while, ironically, keeping physically distant from some who need us the most. It’s a good time to listen to new music.

Now you know a little about why this is my song of the day for today. Thanks for joining me here, and please enjoy. Then head over to Bandcamp and support West, Noah, Best, or any other of the many, many artists you’ll find there. Visit often, and buy lots… and leave a comment below if you’d  like to recommend another artist’s music!

Kieran West: https://kieranwestbuffaloband.bandcamp.com

Noah Baerman: https://noahbaerman.bandcamp.com

Jess Best: https://jessbest.bandcamp.com

And when you buy something, use the Bandcamp site function where you can leave a message for the artist. I’m sure they’d appreciate hearing from you.

Here’s the official audio for “if i grew up,” from Jess Best’s SoundCloud account (the Bandcamp link wasn’t working for playback of the song when I tried earlier):

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