The Vancouver, British Columbia and Portland, Oregon based band Wake Owl have been active since 2102, and that year they issued today’s song as a free download. They re-released it on their Wild Country EP through Vagrant Records, in 2013. I am quite sure I would have heard it on CBC Radio 2 or, more likely the internet-only Radio 3, and bought it in February 2013.

I’ve enjoyed this song for many years but have never sought out more music by Wake Owl. They are classified as “alternative,” but that’s a pretty broad category. I’d consider them on the folk to roots side of alternative, as their instrumentation is fairly folk-oriented. However, there are some heavenly keyboards, and amazing riffs on a violin in various places including the break after the second verse. Wake Owl reminds me of some others duos and small acts like First Aid Kit and The Civil Wars, and maybe even the larger group, Band of Horses.

“Gold” seems to me to be about someone who has gone through turmoil and is feeling upheld (by angels, it seems) and though he may be apprehensive of change, realizes the need to “… go where I’m bound.”

“And I don’t feel like I’m falling,
I’m up against the sky
I said I’d taken it all in to make the good life
And I don’t feel like I’m falling
I’m up against the sky
Let’s grab the heart of the world and turn into the light

But I cannot turn around
the angels see me now
go where I’m bound

You smile like you know the new world has been found”

(from “Gold,” by Colyn Cameron)

There are a few symbols that might infer death, but even with the mysterious sounds of the strings, I don’t get that from hearing it. I think it acknowledges the fear that sometimes comes with change and uncertainty, but which can still make us “… turn into the light.”

Now you know a little about why this is my song of the day for today. Thanks for joining me here, and please enjoy. 

The song and Wild Country EP aren’t available through their website or Bandcamp page, but can still be purchased in the iTunes Store or streamed on Apple Music, along with their later albums.

Here’s the official video from Wake Owl’s YouTube channel:

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