Do Your Best and Don’t Worry

Morrissey is a musician I really know nothing about, but I caught today’s song on a weekend radio program during my last full-time year of employment, and it’s the only song of his that I own. Although I was no longer working in a highly-stressful public relations role, I was, at the time, an interim department head overseeing a large portfolio, so there were many moving pieces to oversee. But I had a fantastic team to work with and had one of the best years of my career, enabled by my boss to mentor and advocate for people and their projects, with the common goal of improving our services. 

“Do Your Best and Don’t Worry” guided me through some of the stressful times and helped me focus my intentions on those things that I could control or influence. (And, as I explained in my post on Arkells’ song “Deadlines”: If preparing for a particularly busy day, I would likewise begin the day early by playing today’s song on my iYiYi iPod dock. By that time, I was in the big corner office that came with the department head gig… so there was more room for a couple of minutes’ air-band action, behind a closed door of course; because, you know, decorum.)

Today, the song came into my mind when I thought of some of the excellent and factual advice we’ve been getting from dedicated, hard-working government officials who are leading COVID-19 responses, specifically a line from one public health leader: “Take this seriously. But don’t panic.” To me, the title of today’s song is synonymous with that directive.

Also, it’s a great song if you’re feeling cooped up today, like many of us are; I challenge you not to feel like getting your air-band on with the guitar or drum parts. The drum part is my favourite, though not by a considerable margin.

Now you know a little about why this is my song of the day for today. Thanks for joining me here, and please enjoy. (But if you’re still at work and have an office, you might want to close the door first.) 

Here’s the audio of the song. It’s not an official version, but it has the option for 1080p playback. Ready, band? 1, 2, 3, 4…

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