Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

Edit, March 30, 2020: Since making the post below, I’ve read this article, and have been thinking twice about the wisdom of gathering eight, ten, even twenty feet apart. It seems there’s still so much that isn’t known about the virus, so maybe it makes sense to exceed the recommendations of public health officials, out of an abundance of caution. So while we had a good time in our gathering, I don’t think I’d recommend it as a practice. Stay home, stay safe, folks…

Last evening, two of the three couples from our neighbourhood group of friends got “somewhat together” in an impromptu, physically-distant gathering; it was the subject of yesterday’s post. This afternoon, all three couples were together. Still, we adhered to existing recommendations for social distancing (or physical distancing as the terminology seems to be evolving to) and to the upcoming provincial Public Health order on keeping group gatherings to no more than ten people. 

It’s all a bit awkward and foreign, but it’s our reality until our community is safely through this crisis. We’ll have to remain on guard not to get too close or share items, undermining personal safety hygiene. We had our chairs far apart tonight, though we were close in spirit, as always.

Tonight the neighbours broke out their portable, covered fire pit. Later it became clear that some of the wood wasn’t seasoned yet, so it was a very smoky fire, and the consensus was that my song of the day for today should be, “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes.” 

I remember this song from my childhood and have a very vague memory of watching my parents dance to it at a wedding social or reception many years ago, though it could be one of those false memories, too. But it seems like the kind of song they would have danced to back in the day. Neither Sweety’s nor my parents are alive anymore; her dad and my mum were alone before they died, and it would be difficult to think of them coping without visitors, as many families are having to do now, to protect the often frail health of elders in their own homes or care facilities.

These days life quickly shifts from routine, to worry, then fun, and sometimes tension and weariness, and back to gratitude. Feeling the love of others helps to keep a sense of calm through most of it. 

Now you know a little about why this is my song of the day for today. Thanks for joining me here, and please enjoy.

Here’s the official audio (with lyrics) of the song from The Platters’ YouTube channel:  

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