April Fools’ Day Song


Today was a weird day. I woke up and did my usual morning routine which is centred around playing with our cat, Perry Como, who is addicted to his “Da Bird” toy, and then feeding him his wet foot with warm water mixed in. It’s clear who runs the household, but he’s so charming…

Then, I listened to a bit more of Sunday’s instalment of Guy Garvey’s Finest Hour and prepared for a meetup with two colleagues on a volunteer project. It was great to speak with them on FaceTime in place of the dinner meeting we’d initially planned. I’m not short of contacts during the day, but connecting to folks with whom I’ve had professional relationships was truly enjoyable for me. 

In the corner of my mind, I must have had a notion that this year might not be the best for continuing with April Fools’ traditions. Then I was reminded mid-morning (by Facebook) that seven years ago, I switched out Sweety’s crutches (a fractured ankle from a cross-country skiing mishap) for some that are in the basement, a holdover from one of the boys’ childhood injuries. We laughed so much, after she figured out what was wrong that day when she couldn’t get around without suddenly being hunched over.

After lunch today, I was researching options for a weekend, online meetup with friends and learned of limitations with a particular platform. Then, I decided I’d get on the bike trainer but the app I use had cleverly installed a 1980s theme which made me think the app had been corrupted or hacked. Technology was not on my side. So I was flummoxed and gave up. At no time did I suspect these things were ruses.

Later, we had a long FaceTime call with one of our boys who has been working hard out in the field as an essential service provider. His gentle and often teasing way was grounding for me; a reminder that, as serious as the pandemic is, we must keep things in perspective. I somehow lost that for a bit today, but am feeling much better now. And, I’m “over the moon” that a birthday fundraiser I launched for Winnipeg Harvest reached my goal in just a few hours. I’ve raised the target and hope that we can feed a lot of people in this time that holds uncertainly for many. If you are friends with me on Facebook, please consider donating, if you are able to at this time.

I don’t typically follow date-specific themes for daily posts, but Sweety clearly knew I was in need of aid today, and found a song that fits. She’s so great at doing that: finding what’s needed when I’m not quite there. That’s love, folks.

I was fooled today, alright. And now you know a little about why this is my song of the day for today. Thanks for joining me here. Enjoy? April showers bring… April snow???  Seriously????

Here’s the official video of the song from Whitney Avalon’s YouTube channel:

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