Sometimes It Snows in April

Last night, my sweety did a bit of searching for songs as I was having a sort of an off afternoon. She came upon today’s selection, which is a perfect fit on this snowy April day in Winnipeg, Canada. 

We have hunkered down at home (what else would we be doing, right?!) and I’m happy to have had conversations by FaceTime, phone, email, text and social media connections with many of the special people in my life over the last couple of days. One of the emails was bizarrely rude, but oh well, one in a bunch isn’t too bad; I choose to focus on the positive that people are contributing to this crisis. 

Sometimes it snows in April. But the snow will leave, and we hope for brighter days ahead. So, stay safe and well. Follow public health recommendations on social/physical distancing, wash your hands like you really mean it, don’t touch your face, and stay home. Buy some new music online; I’m going to be highlighting some songs from local musicians soon. And visit that pile of books you’ve been planning to read through “when there is time.” And, if you are still working out in the world, thank you. It means you are providing an essential service, something we may have taken for granted in the past. Please stay safe at work and in your commuting when overtired. 

If we emerge out of this crisis with just one new thing, I hope it’s a more profound, broader sense of gratitude.

Now you know a little about why this is my song of the day for today. Thanks for joining me here, and please enjoy.

Today’s post goes out to a friend and colleague who’s a mad fan of Prince.

Here’s the audio from a live performance in 2002, from Prince’s YouTube channel:

There’s also a video of a live performance but it just has an excerpt from the song, partway into the video which is also from Prince’s channel, though it is very fine viewing: 

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