Lean on Me

Today has felt like a kind of day when it’s good, no… essential… critical, to have someone to lean on. 

I hope you have that, whether it’s someone you’re cooped up with or someone you can meet up with safely and very, very cautiously for a short time, or through online connections which are really growing in popularity. They’ve become a way for established groups of people to continue meeting in a time and space where physical meetings are unsafe. And I’ve found that kind of meetup to be helpful, soulful, enriching and strengthening in the new reality that we moved to so suddenly within a matter of a week, it seems. (It’s kind of a vote of confidence for the internet, which, has had its share of troubles due to its manipulation by those who use it for dark purposes.)

Much of today has been consumed with helping set up a connection that Sweety will have tomorrow, online with some women who are important to her, and me setting up a link to some men who are part of my journey. It has also been tied up with many phone calls and messages with loved ones; all these situations complicated by the inability to be connected in person. That limitation is so evident when there’s an urgent need to reach out and communicate and share love.

When I started this blog, I had this notion of a philosophy that I wouldn’t post to match trends or world events, memorialize the deaths of music legends (which, as we know, have happened at an increasing rate as some of the rocker and Baby Boomer generation reaches end-of-life), or highlight how the coronavrirus greedily claims its victims, sometimes people the whole world knows and loves.

Today, the world recognized the crossing over of Bill Withers, a legendary and influential musician whose songs are known to so many, many of whom don’t even know who he was.

Let’s lean on each other — from a safe distance.

Love and strength, everyone. 

Now you know a little about why this is my song of the day for today. I’m glad we could join here.

Here’s the official audio of the song from Bill Withers’ YouTube channel:

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