Distant Sun

Today I was listening to The Morning Show with John Richards on KEXP Seattle, and cruising around the website. Like on so many artist and collective pages, there’s a list of live events there, to entertain and keep people connected to a sense of normalcy in terms of hearing musical performances, even though we can’t attend them in person due to restrictions to reduce the spread of the coronavirus.

I found a page of live events held daily by Neil Finn, who rose to stardom in Split Enz, then went on to form Crowded House and, in 2018, joined Fleetwood Mac to replace Lindsey Buckingham. I briefly mention Finn in my post on “Go Your Own Way.” One of Finn’s most famous works by Crowded House is “Don’t Dream it’s Over,” though they had many hit songs.

Finn is producing daily concerts on Fangradio, accessed on his website. The live performances are accessible on Mixlr, a paid service, but you can also listen to the Fangradio archives on Finn’s site. I just listened to yesterday’s set, which contained a lovely solo version of Crowded House’s “Fingers of Love” (from their album, Together Alone).

Today’s song also comes from Together Alone, a title which seems like a bit of a cruel joke on us in this realm of forced isolation. “Distant Sun” reminds me that we’re slowly moving to the closer orbit around the sun that brings us spring and summer. With a few false starts recently, followed by more snow and cold weather, it sometimes seems hard to believe that summer will ever come. And when it does arrive, how will it be, as it sounds as if we will have to continue to observe some level of confinement and precautions…

There’s where hope again needs to enter the equation.

“As time slips by, and on and on
Let your mind go, anywhere it wants, anywhere it wants
Let your mind
As time slips by, and on and on
Let your mind go, anywhere it wants, anywhere it wants”

(from “Distant Sun,” by Neil Finn)

Now you know a little about why this is my song of the day for today. Thanks for joining me here, and please enjoy.

Here is Neil Finn playing Distant Sun in his studio, backed up by sons Elroy and Liam, for his April 2, 2020 broadcast of Fangradio (which he broadcasts audio-only, so this Vimeo is a real treat):

And, here’s the official video of Crowded House playing the song, from Neil Finn’s YouTube channel:

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