Johnny & Mary

Bryan Ferry has been a favourite since Roxy Music’s Flesh + Blood, released in 1980 when he was still the frontman for the recently-reunited band. I have several of Ferry’s solo works, but of them, I have to say that Avonmore (2014) is not my favourite. But I adore “Johnny & Mary,” the closing track on the album. The song is a collaboration with Todd Terje, covering the Robert Palmer composition.

Excited when I heard a new Ferry album was to be released, I pre-ordered Avonmore on the iTunes Store, but when it arrived, it just didn’t grab me. I may not have even listened to it all the way through. “One Night Stand” stands out from the rest though, but maybe I need to give the whole album another chance.

“Johnny & Mary” came on the car stereo last autumn during a non-CarPlay session, where the car’s Bluetooth media system was using my iPhone to pick songs at random from my entire Apple Music library. I still cannot figure out how it does that, as I don’t have my whole library on my phone. (If you know, please leave me a comment as this is quite mystifying to me!) I didn’t recognize the song at first until I heard Ferry’s unmistakable voice. It’s an excellent song for snapping your fingers along with the band, if you like to do that.

Now you know a little about why this is my song of the day for today. Thanks for joining me here, and please enjoy.

Here’s the official video of the song from Bryan Ferry’s YouTube channel:

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