April in Paris

In what passes for wisdom, the government in my province of Manitoba, Canada has already set out a staged return to commercial and other activities. Sweety and I are unconvinced that a specific date suddenly makes it safe to be among people again, say, for haircuts, followed by beers and wings on the patio. We get it; there’s pressure to “restart the economy,” though public health advice is to continue social/physical distancing. But if you gather at a home you don’t live in, to share a meal with almost a dozen others who don’t live there either, how will folks realistically control the cross-contamination of communally-touched surfaces? (It’s an inconsistent direction that communicators are being asked to articulate and is ill-advised, in my opinion.)

We worry about the next few weeks, months… Economic gain isn’t worth lives. We think it’s moving too fast, and we won’t be in the lineups. (And, yes, I was grumpy last week as we hit the sixth week of isolation, but I went out and exercised far apart from other people, and got over myself.)

As an introvert, I’m quite comfortable without a lot of external stimulation. At the same time, I very much miss being with our family and other close people, and those caring hugs and casual touches of an arm to demonstrate the connection between people. Oh, how life has changed. And yet, some things are worth waiting for, didn’t we used to say?

The move toward more activity doesn’t even begin to address the notion of travel. After a few years complicated by family illnesses and other such matters we needed to stay home and take care of, we thought in early February of this year, wow, maybe we can travel for the first time in three years! Well, THAT didn’t happen, obviously. 

We still do dream of a visit to see our families in England, and a return to Paris, and Hawai’i, plus the many other places we’ve considered going. The idea of April in Paris has a lot of appeal. We went there in October 2012 as I talked about in my post on “Comptine d’ un autre été, l’après-midi.” What a beautiful holiday that was.

So then, after a long ramble, today’s song is one that was featured this past Sunday on BBC 6 Music’s Guy Garvey’s Finest Hour. It made me think about travelling; about, erm, October in Paris…

Photo of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, at dusk.
Our first evening in Paris, October 8, 2012. Photo © Steve West.

Now you know a little about why this is my song of the day for today. Thanks for joining me here, and please enjoy.

Here’s the official audio for Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong singing the piece, from Ella Fitzgerald’s YouTube channel:

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