Love Is the Drug

Roxy Music released “Love Is the Drug” as the first single from their 1976 record, Siren. It’s a classic, with a unique beginning under the bass line:  footsteps to a car, opening the door, the motor starting, then racing off. (For two other songs by Roxy Music, please visit my posts on “Oh Yeah” and “Johnny and Mary.”)

Today was a trip to pick up an online grocery order, a no-contact stop at the animal hospital to get kibble for Perry Como, and a drop-off of some food donations and the animal shelter. We also made an impromptu side trip to Canadian Tire to pick up some plants for Sweety’s garden as the garden centre had just opened and there were no other customers. Paradise!

At home, as I was unpacking our haul in the kitchen and she worked outside, I listened to KEXP Seattle. The Midday Show was on, with host Cheryl Waters and she was playing plenty of covers. One that drew my attention was Grace Jones’s rendition of “Love Is the Drug.” I’ve never followed Jones, as I’ve always found her style a bit severe, but I liked the tempo and instrumentation behind her upbeat vocal. 

It’s a badass cover; pretty ambitious to cover such a hallmark song, but Jones really pulls it off. I enjoyed listening to it and when I went searching for it, saw that there is a three-minute, fifty-second version as well as an eight-minute, thirty-nine-second version. I’ve used the longer one as I liked it so much.

Now you know a little about why this is my song of the day for today. Thanks for joining me here, and please enjoy.

Here’s the official audio for the song from the Grace Jones (topic) YouTube channel:

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