I Want

I couldn’t recall yesterday when hearing “I Want,” where I discovered the song. Apple Music metadata reminds me I bought the track from the iTunes Store on January 2, 2014. While on a Christmas break from being at the office, I must have been playing a pre-recorded program of CBC Music or listening to CBC Radio 3 (the “people’s broadcaster’s” online-only station), which I used to play a lot back then. I’m reasonably sure it was CBC R3, only because they produced a First Play Live video of another song of hers, as you’ll see in the video links below.

I find today’s track to be a beautiful song; I love the melody, Ribera’s vocal and the emotive way she sings, particularly in some phrases, like at 3:15, in the second verse of the studio track, “… I want the life force, back in my blood…” The video captures many vignettes of life and people, presumably people in her life. With scenes of her pondering as she looks out a window, the song seems to me like it might be about Ribera’s experiences with loss; things she wants back in her life. Or, maybe things for which she is yearning.

Yesterday when we were out on in the St. James/Westwood area of Winnipeg, Canada (we usually group our errands when possible, to minimize the use of car and gas), the CarPlay shuffle offered up a bunch of great songs in succession which, for me, adds to the enjoyment of the outing… not a bad thing in these days of what can be tension-producing visits to stores in the current climate of public health restrictions, like no-contact shopping.

Now you know a little about why this is my song of the day for today. Thanks for joining me here, and please enjoy.

Here’s the official video for the song from Alejandra Ribera’s YouTube channel

And, a live performance, because Sweety likes watching those (I love the sound of the upright bass in this!):

And, I don’t usually add a video for a different song than the daily selection, but YouTube’s autoplay served up Ribera and her band performing “I Am Orlando” after I had finished writing this post and was sidetracked by another task. So, a bonus song, anyone? If you liked today’s, you might enjoy this one, too, featured by CBC Music’s First Play Live, with some soaring vocals. It’s worth a listen, for sure:

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