I’m Not in Love

The English band 10cc was another band I learned of during those basement suite parties that one of my brothers invited me to, as talked about here and here.

“I’m Not in Love,” released 45 years ago last month, is likely 10cc’s most famous, commercially-successful single. “The Things We Do for Love” is another big one. I bought my brother’s vinyl rock music collection from him a long time ago, and I have a memory of the original cellophane wrapper being taped around all the closed sides of the album, The Original Soundtrack, to keep it intact, protecting the cover like a dust jacket does a book. I couldn’t find it in my collection today when thinking about this song, so maybe I’m just recalling a memory of seeing the LP (or another?) in the basement of our childhood home. Or else, I misfiled it when alphabetizing my vinyl… numbers should be before letters (I know my older lad has got my back on that one)… so, where is it? No matter. (I mentioned here about the A-Z rearrangement of my CDs… well, once I did one collection, I pretty much had to do the other, right?)

Anyway, today, I read a fascinating article on Wikipedia explaining how the song was recorded and produced to give the vocals that ethereal, choral sound. I knew some of those facts already but enjoyed reading in detail about the process, and how the band used a Moog synthesizer to create the soft drumbeat, intentionally, so as not to take away from the vocal foundation. The article describes the drumbeat as being like a heartbeat… I hadn’t thought much about that before, but it definitely comes across that way. Drum beats and heart beats…

Tori Amos covers “I’m Not in Love” on Strange Little Girls, an album I featured a song from in this post. Hers is a rather gloomy but imaginative interpretation of the song, worth a listen as is that whole collection of cover songs.

When “I’m Not in Love” song was released, I was 15. So when it started to really take off, this late-bloomer was just about to take his first part-time job at McDonald’s (see this post for a bit about that, and while you’re there, listen to David Sylvian’s song… it’s gorgeous… but don’t get faked out by the false ending half way through; I do every time…), and McDonald’s, being the place where he met his first serious love. Oh, boy, I really do not miss those times…

Now you know a little about why this is my song of the day for today. Thanks for joining me here, and please enjoy.

Here’s the video, from 10cc’s VEVO/YouTube channel, of the radio edit version (3:46… why did record labels insist on pandering to short attention spans?!?! Thank goodness for late-night FM in those days; the only place where one could hear a song longer than four minutes).

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