Green, Green Grass of Home

So, six weeks ago we, along with our next-door neighbours and another couple of neighbours down the street (she of that latter couple being the ringleader of the project) de-thatched, raked, de-thatched again, raked again, aerated, and once again raked our lawns, then spread manure, a mix of different grass seeds, and then fertilizer.

(Over the 18 years we’ve been in our home the lawn has never been stellar; it struggled to grow beneath a canopy of 110-year-old elms and wasn’t getting enough sunshine or love. So by the last raking, there wasn’t much lawn anymore.)

Oh, and watering. The new seeding required watering twice a day which was not really a problem since we weren’t going on a trip or anything (à la yesterday’s post on “The Trip”). We watered so much, Sweety and I sprung for one of those fancy sprinklers from Lee Valley as I was tired of being sprayed in the face when trying to get the correct swath going with the crappy, not-so-old, cheapo model we had before. We also had to leave the new grass to grow for six weeks without cutting. There was mud everywhere from all the watering, we couldn’t walk on it, and it’s still pretty soft and mushy underneath. But it looks so much better than before!

The lawn was a bit of a jungle to get through yesterday, but fortunately, thanks to our next-door neighbours’ awesome parents, we had the loan of a gas-powered mower with a catcher to collect the clippings. We own a reel mower, which would not have stood a chance against the long, thick carpet of green.

Photo of a lawn with planters on either side of a sidewalk.
Our new lawn! Photo © Steve West.

As I was sitting in the summer porch with my sweety last evening, finishing up yesterday’s post, and looking out on the newly-cut and very green grass, of course, the song “Green, Green Grass of Home” popped into my mind. The massively-popular version recorded by Tom Jones in 1966 was another one of those staples in my childhood home.

It always started off sounding like a romantic love song to me, though it had this undercurrent of woe to it and then I’d recall the rest of the story as the singer tells of waking up to find he’s in prison (and, as I later learned, on death row, on the day of his execution). I must say I prefer the type of song that lifts my emotions, not one that drags them down. But, hey, it’s a memory.

In addition to Jones’s cover of the Claude “Curly” Putman Jr. composition, many other artists have recorded it, including Johnny Darrell, Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Nana Mouskouri, George Jones, Hank Snow, Merle Haggard, Trini Lopez, Charley Pride, The Statler Brothers, and many more.

Now you know a little about why this is my song of the day for today. Thanks for joining me here, and please enjoy.

Here’s the audio for the song from Tom Jones’s official YouTube channel

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