Pick Me Up

Have you ever had a close relative or friend that you knew you could count on, no matter what? If so, isn’t that the most amazingly comforting thing, ever? Especially when you truly need it?

Life hands us all sorts of things, and some are bad; some of them are hardwired into us, some happen by accident, or through our weaknesses, or by the cruelty of others. It’s a pretty rough world out there, and this past five months has been a hellish time for many people. Take those folks who go through tragedy or catastrophic loss. Many have had to cope alone due to the coronavirus lockdown. No one could go and hug them.

Yeah, sometimes we can’t reassure our loved ones that everything’s going to be fantastic. Sometimes we just have to make sure they know things won’t entirely fall apart.

Today’s selection is by our lad, my oldest son, from one of his earlier projects, one that still has a strong following even though they are not active, but because their music is that amazing and because they were such a tight, personable, crowd-pleasing band that played meaningful and relatable songs he wrote. 

Kieran West and His Buffalo Band played big summer festivals including the Winnipeg Folk Festival – as wandering minstrels, Brandon Folk Festival, Dauphin’s Countryfest, Shine On, Harvest Moon, Matlock Festival of Music, Art and Nature, and the Real Love Summer Fest, among others. They played all the better Winnipeg venues, and opened for some truly great Canadian musical acts including Corin Raymond, Del Barber and the Profiteers, Five Alarm Funk, and some other acts I can’t recall. They have appeared on all the local radio stations that matter. They were written up in all the better local music rags. Kieran even wrote a song for the band, inspired by former National Hockey League player Theo Fleury, who spoke out about being victimized by childhood sexual abuse; a heart wrenching piece of music that makes me cry every time I hear it.

Anyway, when everything has “gone to hell in a hand basket,” maybe we don’t need someone to tell us everything is going to be great if we only just get a good night’s sleep. Maybe we just need to hear that “the world ain’t coming to nothing… and the world ain’t falling apart.”

Now you know a little about why this is my song of the day for today. Thanks for joining me here, and please enjoy. And while you’re listening, please drop a few bucks and take home a virtual copy for yourself. Because music costs money to make, and without music, well, yeah, everything really would fall apart.

Happy Friday!

Here’s the audio for the song from Kieran West and His Buffalo Band’s Bandcamp account:


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