Before today, I owned only a couple of songs by Maroon 5; I haven’t listened to them a lot as their music generally doesn’t speak to me. I suppose they have become more known due to lead singer Adam Levine being a team captain on American TV’s The Voice. But maybe I just don’t know enough about their music.

And, like I’ve said several times before here, I often find I enjoy the cover version of a song more than the original. Today’s choice is one of those; I love the energy, soul and spirit of the children’s choir One Voice who cover the song. I will bet that you’ve seen the video, as it has been making its way around the internet in the last several months (I’ve seen countless people have shared it on Facebook, for instance).  

At first, I didn’t know that Maroon 5 wrote the song; it was only when my sweety was looking for a non-Facebook link to share the video by email with a friend that I found this out.

The song’s composers definitely had a vision of a compassionate anthem; on Twitter, band frontman Adam Levine said of the song, “This song is for anyone who has ever experienced loss. In other words, this song is for all of us.” 

But it’s the vivacious children’s choir that brings genuine compassion to life, in my opinion.

The website tells me, “The composition is based on the harmonic sequence of “Pachelbel’s Canon” (“Canon in D”) by German Baroque composer Johann Pachelbel.” I think it has just a touch of reggae in it, too; particularly Levine’s vocal in the band’s version.

Today’s selection goes out to Sweety. She has found comfort and consolation in the song and the innocent young voices that bring it to beautiful life, and she has shared it in compassion for loved ones grieving loss.

Now you know a little about why this is my song of the day for today. Thanks for joining me here, and please enjoy.

Here’s the video for the song from the One Voice Children’s Choir official YouTube channel

And, Maroon 5 performing the song on The Ellen DeGeneres Show (unofficial video, but Sweety loves those live performances): 

Plus, a clip of “Pachelbel’s Canon,” performed by Australia’s Stringspace… recognize the harmony in “Memories”? (Being faithful, after all, to my tradition of classical Sundays…)

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