Fade into You

Mazzy Star, an alternative rock band from Santa Monica, California in the USA, is an act I keep stumbling across. Their single “Fade into You,” from the 1993 album So Tonight That I Might See plays often on KEXP Seattle, and it popped up in the YouTube suggestions when I was working on the post for the superb song, “On My Way Back Home” by Band of Horses. 

Today, I was on the BBC Sounds app looking over the playlist for this past Sunday’s edition of Guy Garvey’s Finest Hour (titled, “Let’s Have a Heated Debate”) when I saw the band had been featured by Garvey. The song he spun was “Rhymes of an Hour,” which I listened to on YouTube, but found it a bit plodding on first the hearing. It’s from their 1996 album, Among My Swan. Interestingly, they didn’t release another album until 17 years later, with Seasons of Your Day. I haven’t heard the most recent Finest Hour episode yet, as I only finished listening to the previous weekend’s instalment yesterday… last week was a busy one, with our anniversary and lots of visits, on Zoom and in-person-socially-distanced, and of course, plenty of cycling.

Mazzy Star was established in 1989 when some members of the former band Opal (whose music I’m sure I know some of, from somewhere) reformed into a new group. The band was also in the news in February of this year when guitarist David Roback died at age 61. That’s pretty sobering, knowing I’m less than a year from his age…

With all the times the group entered my consciousness, I figured that it was enough hinting from the universe, and decided to post the first song of theirs that I had ever heard.

I’d consider “Fade into You” a slow ballad, and I feel like there is the influence of Bob Dylan in the opening chords, tempo, percussion, Hope Sandoval’s vocal, and Roback’s guitar work; for me, the whole experience is heavenly and evokes Dylan’s sound, and the childhood memories that accompany it. (I’ll talk about some of those, another time.)

Now you know a little about why this is my song of the day for today. Thanks for joining me here, and please enjoy.

Here’s the official audio for the song from Mazzy Star’s YouTube channel

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