Ezy Ryder

Today has been a full, busy day so far. 

This morning I set off at 8:00 on my bike. I had planned that I’d do a 75-kilometre ride sometime this week, to reach my goal of a 100-km trip ( a “metric century”) before the end of the riding season. I’m also trying to ride 200 kilometres each week to build the stamina for that long ride. The weather app on my iPhone told me the wind was coming from the southwest at 20 kilometres per hour, and by about 10:00 it would be gusting to 40 kph. That told me I needed to ride against that headwind for at least 30 kilometres, to be able to make up some speed and add distance to the return trip. 

When I reached the turnoff to Saint Adolphe, I’d done just over 30 km. I sailed east, effortlessly, on Highway 210 to turn onto Hwy 200/St. Mary’s Road. Heading north, I soon realized the southwest wind had switched to a westerly wind, so I was again fighting the wind as a crosswind buffeted me and sometimes became a gusting headwind! I made good time on the way back, though, and as I reached St. Vital Park, I was at 55 km and decided that with a few re-routes, I could extend the ride and arrive home at 70 km, which seemed like a good compromise given the wicked wind conditions. On an easy section (i.e., one of the few times I had a tailwind), I decided to go for the full 75.

My sweety was live-tracking my ride and greeted me at the door when I pulled in three hours and seventeen minutes after starting (three hours, four minutes of moving time; the rest was traffic lights and a quick stop to stretch). She also had eggs and a heaping bowl of Mediterranean chickpea salad, my favourite post-ride refuel meal (and a go-to for a lot other times, too) waiting for me. Ain’t that sweet?

Then off to give my 55th blood donation and home where I’m relaxing in the summer porch as I write this. Tonight is a Zoom call with a group of friends, then maybe some BritBox with Sweety (if I stay awake that long!). We’ve started watching Moving On, a nine-season series of unrelated episodes on people in complex relationships. We’ve enjoyed the first few episodes. 

Sitting and thinking about what song to post, I read today’s music news digest from Canadian broadcaster Alan Cross when I saw he had included an article on an upcoming, new biography of Jimi Hendrix. One of my brothers has listened to and loved Hendrix’s music as long as I can recall, so I sent him the article. Then I started browsing Hendrix songs, and today’s selection seemed a good fit. (Well, I wouldn’t say the ride was all that easy but, hey, it’ll work.) Of all Hendrix’s music, I don’t know that I’ve heard this song before, but could have many years ago and not remember it as I do some of his bigger hits such as “All Along the Watchtower,” “Hey Joe,” “Foxy Lady,” and “Purple Haze,” to name just a few of his many blockbuster songs.

Now you know a little about why this is my song of the day for today. Thanks for joining me here, and please enjoy.

Here’s audio from the official Jimi Hendrix YouTube channel, for a live performance of the song at the Fillmore East, New York, USA, on December 31, 1969. The track appears on his album Songs for Groovy Children: The Fillmore East Concerts, a compilation of performances, in the order they were played, during four Hendrix concerts at the venue. 

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