Empty Room

We’re continuing to explore The Suburbs, by Arcade Fire. Jumping ahead to the fifth track on the album, today’s selection is “Empty Room.”

If, like I’ve said before, as recently as Monday, that the album were a rock opera, well, this song would be an allegro due to its fast pace. The dual violins at the start add to that notion and vibe, I think.

The whole album seems to me to be making a statement about the loss of individuality in society as people become more wrapped up in consumer culture, exemplified by the band’s imagery around the stereotypical homogeneity of suburbs. And, the urging to conform with that societal model… a pressure that began in school for most of us (and which plays out in the official video for the title track). The idea is built upon in “Empty Room”:

“When I’m by myself
I can be myself
And my life is coming
But I don’t know when”

(from “Empty Room, by Regine Chassagne, Will Butler, Jeremy Gara, Timothy Kingsbury, Richard Parry, Win Butler

Now you know a little about why this is my song of the day for today. Thanks for joining me here, and please enjoy.

This is the official audio for the song from Arcade Fire’s YouTube channel. Please remember to click on “thumbs-up” on the video if you appreciated the artists’ work.

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