You’re All I’ve Got Tonight

Back on March 26, just days into the lockdown, Sweety and I were already scheming with neighbour-friends on how to get together, and I posted about a gathering we had at the time. Later, I wondered if it was really such a good idea after all. Since then, public health recommendations have loosened, though they’ve tightened up again in outbreak areas. We still don’t really gather with people outside our family bubble, and if we do, it’s with masks and social-distancing. And always masks-on when in indoor spaces, whether the establishment requires them or not.

In this post on “Good Times Roll,” the opening track of The Cars debut album, I told the story of that gathering and memories about when the album first came out.

“You’re All I’ve Got Tonight” is the first track on the B-side of the record and gets it off to a rollicking start. The title is perhaps sexist-sounding though that type of consideration wasn’t on the male-dominated radar of acceptability in that era when the band released the song and record. In an EA News article in 1978, bandleader Ric Ocasek said, “When things get too quiet, and you’re willing to put up with any company, or you’re not willing to accept the prospect of being alone, you might find yourself needing what you’ve got.” I suppose that was a prevailing attitude among many men and, as an extension, touring bands, but it doesn’t speak well of honouring each other as precious individuals in the world. I hope we’ve mostly moved away from that type of mindset.

All that aside, I still think it’s a great rock song with a memorable beat and harmonies. 

We are firmly in a time of “cancel culture” — disposing of statues and other tributes representing those whose attitudes and actions have later been shown to be racist, fascist, sexist or otherwise not socially just. I value the opinion of a local Metis leader who recently stated it makes more sense to leave the monuments but to make sure the full stories are told, instead of hiding them. But it’s easy for me to advance that idea, as a man of white privilege. I’m interested to know what you think.

Now you know a little about why this is my song of the day for today. Thanks for joining me here, and please enjoy. I hope you will leave me a comment with your thoughts on the post; I’d love to hear from you.

This is the official audio for the song from The Cars’ YouTube channel. Please remember to click on “thumbs-up” in the video if you appreciated the artist’s work. (Be sure to choose 1080p for best quality audio playback.)

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