Two Cold Nights in Buffalo

This morning was a little warmer than yesterday, so I set out with fewer layers hoping I’d be warm enough on the bike. Soon the knee-warmers came off and were stuffed in my jersey pocket. Then just south of Saint Adolphe, Manitoba, where I turned around after riding 40 kilometres (25 miles) against a mild headwind, the arm-warmers came off and mingled in my jersey pocket with them.

Turning north from the Tourond Creek housing subdivision today. This was the only body of water I could see there,

The temperature seemed to be rising slowly, though a massive cloud bank gradually obscured the sky and sun, and it felt cooler again. Quite comfortable for cycling, really.

I arrived home a smidge after turning over 85 kilometres (52.8 miles) on the bike computer… my longest ride ever, and by far the longest solo ride I’ve done. I usually ride solo but serendipitously had my riding mentor with me for 35 km on my previous longest ride.

I ate ravenously and after getting cleaned up, snoozed on the couch for at least an hour. Tonight, as is our Saturday custom, my sweety and I worked together in the kitchen to make a fabulous pizza. (No kitchen dance though, I’ve just realized!) We ate in the summer porch as it was warm and golden-sunny out there. I know, but don’t want to acknowledge, that there may not be many more days like this. Bliss.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, many of my thoughts lately have been about summer. I’m grateful for how hot it has been and how we enjoyed some beach and lake time, observed important family milestones, achievements and memories, had some amazing nights watching the sky, walking biking together and, of course, I did so much great, longer-distance cycling in the heat. Not enough family time though… life’s responsibilities and COVID-19 limitations got in the way more than once, though we hope to have the boys and their partners and baby over for at least another spread-out dinner gathering in the porch before it’s too cold.

A few times lately, the country song “Two Cold Nights in Buffalo” has come into my mind. It is by Courtney Maria Andrews from her 2018 album May Your Kindness Remain, and is the only piece of hers in my collection. While I haven’t owned a copy of her song long, I don’t have a firm idea of where I first heard it. I have a vague notion it might have been one of those playlists venues put on between acts. It seems a good fit for that vibe.

I love (and listen for) how Andrews and her backup singers end each line of the chorus taking their voices up to the higher register in the last word. It also reminds me how, when my boys were just young lads, they would punctuate their many questions to me by raising the note of the end of their sentences, I suppose to emphasize that they were finished asking and needed to know my answer. It’s a cherished memory of two little miracles that grew into lovely men.

Now you know a little about why this is my song of the day for today. Thanks for joining me here, and please enjoy. I hope you will leave me a comment with your thoughts on the post; I’d love to hear from you!

Here is the official audio for the song from the Loose Music YouTube channel. Please remember to click on “thumbs-up” in the video if you appreciated the artist’s work. 

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