Turn to Dust

Wolf Alice is a band whose music I really enjoy.

As I mentioned in my post on their song, “Don’t Delete the Kisses“– brilliantly unique in its spoken verse style — they’re a group I regret not going to see when I had an opportunity to, a few years ago. (I hope you’ll check out that post if you haven’t already, as it points to an excellent Song Exploder podcast episode that features “Don’t Delete the Kisses.”

“Turn to Dust” is a bleak, yet somehow dreamy tune that opens the band’s debut album, My Love Is Cool. (The track precedes another favourite of mine, “Bros.”)

The song’s bleakness is tempered by a sense of hope with the mention of light and reliance on another to help one through difficulties. As individuals, we often try to go it alone but as a dear friend sometimes asks us when that path hasn’t worked, “How’s that working for you?” as a loving yet realistic reminder that it’s okay to need and lean on each other in this complex and often unkind world.

Keep your beady eyes on me
To make sure I don’t turn to dust
If fear is in the mind, then my mind lives in fear
As deep and as vast as the dirty British sea

Keep your beady eyes on me
To make sure I don’t turn to dust

There’s paths to make the heart beat
And paths where I can skip
And a path to tread lightly with the clouds beneath my feet


When the light creeps from the blinds I dance in Heaven
It’s just old passing time, it rains dead weather

Keep your beady eyes on me
To make sure I don’t turn to dust

(“Turn to Dust,” by Joel Amey, Theodore Ellis, Ellen Rowsell, Jonathan Oddie)

Now you know a little about why this is my song of the day for today. Thanks for joining me here, and please enjoy.

This is the official audio for the song from Wolf Alice’s YouTube channel. Please remember to click on “thumbs-up” on the video if you appreciated the artist’s work. 

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