Lay, Lady, Lay

Okay, just one more summertime song memory…

In my post on Mazzy Star’s “Fade into You,” a song I feel has a definite Bob Dylan vibe to it, I promised to share a summer memory associated with one of Dylan’s tunes.

A song can be memorable because of its meaning, or how the lyrics relate to an experience or memory. But sometimes, music just reminds me of a time when I heard it, and the recollection has nothing to do with the lyrics or the meaning of the song. Does that ever happen to you?

Every time I hear Bob Dylan’s “Lay, Lady, Lay,” I am transported back to a late, golden summer evening, maybe 50 years ago. I’m sitting, sandy and sun-cooked, in the back seat of the pale blue (or was it turquoise?) Envoy Epic that belonged to two of my brothers. Travelling south on Manitoba Provincial Trunk Highway 59, I’m sleepily watching the scenery go by as the sun drops down on the horizon out the right-hand window, after a full day on the beach at Birds Hill Provincial Park.

It was one of many such trips, and there was always music. And treats from the concession stand on the beach.

Even just driving the stretch of the highway between Winnipeg and the park can be enough to conjure up the memory.

Now you know a little about why this is my song of the day for today. Thanks for joining me here, and please enjoy.

Here’s the official audio for the song from Bob Dylan’s VEVO/YouTube channel:

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