Happy Friday!

Do you remember Show and Tell at school? I was always looking for cool things to bring to school to share. Not sure I ever came up with that many, or at least really good ones.

Today’s selection takes that ritual to a new level.

“Friday” is a song by the New York band Goldspot, and I heard it for the first time today on KEXP Seattle. The band, founded by film/TV writer and singer-songwriter/producer Siddhartha Khosla, released the song in 2007.

I can always count on The Morning Show with John Richards to come up with great ways to celebrate the fifth traditional workday of the week. (Would have been a good station to listen to while I was still working!) This morning while Richards was broadcasting from his Seattle home, his young son came into his work area and announced “The Friday Song,” an upbeat, celebratory piece that Richards plays every week. It was sweet. (He also has a theme he plays occasionally, with children singing “John in the morning,” which is also pretty amazing.)

Richards, as I’ve mentioned before, is a kind and generous host and one who openly talks about his challenges with depression. I hope he enjoyed spinning this song today as much as I liked listening to it.

Here’s the official video for the song, from the Goldspot Official YouTube channel:

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