Don’t Dream It’s Over

Don’t you dare dream it’s over. Because it’s not.

In Manitoba, we were once the envy of our country, and maybe even the world as we flattened — no, stomped — our curve to keep COVID-19 infections around 300 in total through the whole first wave of the pandemic. Maybe that told a lot of my fellow citizens that it was party time. It’s not.

Today, I find myself in the rare position of endorsing something said by our province’s premier, Brian Pallister. Today, he had a message for those who are careless in their pandemic practices: “Grow up. Stop going out there and giving people COVID.

An online article published by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation quotes chief public health officer, Dr. Brent Roussin, and chief nursing officer, Lanette Siragusa, who today outlined many of the problems healthcare providers are seeing. Contact tracers have trouble doing their work as people either can’t remember all their contacts or aren’t being honest, with the result that, in one case, an entire surgical team had to be sent home to self-isolate for two weeks. Infected people have had gatherings in their homes, exposing more people to the virus. Another infected person visited a personal care home, causing an outbreak.

Now I get it; it’s tough being unable to freely go out to shows, movies, theatre, concerts and other close-contact social activities. My sweety and I miss doing all that stuff. More importantly, we miss seeing our families and friends. But we are keeping a tight bubble because that is the sensible thing to do. Like I said about Canadian Thanksgiving, just because we’re allowed a certain number of contacts does not mean we should have them.

In addition to each other, Sweety and I have three close contacts. That’s all. THREE! But many more people we miss and can only speak with outdoors at a distance, over the phone, on FaceTime, or through other non-in-person contact methods.

It’s not over, people. Not even close. Even if a vaccine is approved in 2021, it will probably take most of the year to distribute it. And it’s been said we will probably be wearing masks for quite some time to come.

So, no it’s not over. Don’t dream it’s over. Stay home. Limit your close contacts NOW. Everything you do today will have effects in two weeks… so will it be good effects, or harmful ones that will change yours and others’ lives forever?

Now you know a little about why this is my song of the day for today.

To celebrate the band’s 33rd anniversary of reaching the #2 spot on the US music charts, Crowded House did an at-home version of “Don’t Dream It’s Over” in April 2020 to support a benefit concert. In the notes on the YouTube post, bandleader and lead singer Neil Finn (check out this post on “Faster Thank Light” that’ll link you to three songs of Finn’s from his solo career and Split Enz days) says, “We recorded it over a few hours between continents day before yesterday. It was for the “Music From The Front Line” benefit concert in Australia / NZ. I really like the way it sounds and the process of flying tapes back and forth was fun… pure and simple… hope you enjoy too.” (Cool factoid: the current line-up of Crowded House includes Finn’s sons Elroy and Liam.)

Here’s the video from the Crowded House YouTube channel:

2 thoughts on “Don’t Dream It’s Over

    1. Thank you very much! I was frustrated by people ignoring the advice of public health officials, and causing spread of COVID-19 in our province, which in the first wave, had very few cases.


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