Today there’s been light, off-and-on snowfall and some blustery winds. A good day to hang about indoors and maybe do a virtual bike ride on the trainer.

Instead, after the usual morning routines dictated by Perry Como the cat, then a Zoom meditation and a meeting, then lunch, I had a snooze while my sweety went for a walk.

As I lay there with the cat lying on top of me purring, I was starting to think about what song I’d post today. I was thinking of something ambient, fitting with the space I’m in today. My mind returned to the album Mixing Colours, released in March 2020 by Brian and Roger Eno, a collection that keeps popping up in YouTube suggestions. (In my post on “Celeste,” you’ll find it and two other tracks I’ve already featured from the album.)

As part of their promotion of Mixing Colours, the record label Deutsche Grammophon and the Eno brothers invited video contributions to accompany the musical pieces. They received over 1,700 short films, which were posted to a dedicated website. From October 23 to November 9, the record label Deutsche Grammophon will feature a video on that site (under the “winners” tab), chosen by contributors’ votes, to represent each track on the album.

Meanwhile, in July, the label issued an expanded version of the album. I find this annoying as, if I want the additional tracks, I either have to buy the expanded album, which means re-purchasing the original 18, or just the seven new ones, but then they won’t be part of a cohesive album as intended. It smacks a little of greed, though I want to resist jumping to that conclusion. Oh well, #firstworldproblems, as some say.

Today’s selection is “Wintergreen.” While it appears to show the aftermath of a significant snowfall accumulation, its light and mood are a good fit. There is a discussion in the comments on whether the video was taken on a road, or a river. The light and exposure make it look slightly hazy and nebulous, though it must be a road as there looks to be a car buried in the snow at the side (at 1:30), along with assorted bollards and signposts that appear during the ride.

Now you know a little about why this is my song of the day for today. Thanks for joining me here, and please enjoy.

Here’s the video made by Narita Itsuka, and the music by Roger and Brian Eno, from Deutsche Grammophon’s official YouTube channel:

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