Oh My Love

Monday in lockdown 2.0, and it’s time for another #buylocal post.

And today, did I ever buy local. I did a round of curbside pickups and a drop-off of pet food to the animal shelter after taking Perry Como the cat to the veterinarian. Our feline landlord doesn’t mind me sharing his personal health information with you: a crusty formation in the skin on his neck turned out to be a minor thing that the doctor said was healing and didn’t need intervention. What he did mind, though, was riding in the car. “Mr. Relaxation” was whining a bit for the first while but soon quieted down and later, at the animal hospital, quickly settled into flirting with the technician, who seemed quite taken with him too.

But I digress. On to the music.

The video for today’s selection, by chance, also features some animal lovers. “Oh My Love” is the first single from The Small Glories’ second album, Assiniboine & The Red.

My sweety and I saw The Small Glories at the first annual Winnipeg Crankie Festival in 2018. The twosome, formed in 2014 right here in Winnipeg by Cara Luft of Alberta and JD Edwards of Ontario, gave a phenomenal performance. Edwards also plays locally in the JD Edwards Band, which I’ve seen a few times.

In my email account, the Tickets folder holds five passes to see The Small Glories. We bought the tickets for us plus three friends to see the duo on April 25 at Winnipeg, Canada’s West End Cultural Centre. The show was postponed during the first lockdown and hasn’t been rescheduled yet.

I look forward to going to that show when we are at the other end of this pandemic, when it’s safe to gather again. Sometimes, that seems like it’s a far off hope.

Like many other performers, the Small Glories have adapted to pandemic public health restrictions by moving to online concerts. They had scheduled one for tomorrow, November 17, through Home Routes/Chemin Chez and the Calgary Folk Club; however, they have postponed it due to the requirement to reduce social contacts.

Why not show them some love anyway, by going to their website store and purchasing their albums, like you might have if you were seeing them at an in-person show. Or, if you have both CDs as we do, go to their website store anyway; there are options for sending financial support to help them through this time. (Take one look at their Shows page and see all those cancelled events… oh my.) You can also buy their albums on the iTunes store. But you can name your price on The Small Glories web store and know that all the cash you choose to pay will go to them.

Now you know a little about why this is my song of the day for today. Thanks for joining me here, and please enjoy.

Here’s the official music video for the song from The Small Glories website:

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