Classical Gas

So, today it’s a short post as, if you were following along yesterday, you’ll know it’s my sweety’s birthday today!

I decided I’d make a birthday cake — for the first time in my life… yeah… and it turned out! Didn’t burn it, end up with a goopy mess, or drop it on the floor, and it actually resembles a cake, and tastes good! Wow! I made the lemon curd filling yesterday (8.5 out of 10… slightly runny) and then spent almost four hours prepping, baking, filling and frosting before a noon Zoom party with our kids, their partners and the grandkids where we blew out the candles and Sweety made her wish while making the first cut in it.

Sweety’s birthday cake: vanilla cake from scratch, lemon curd filling from scratch, vanilla icing (yes, also from scratch!).

Later in the afternoon we went for a walk, then had another Zoom gathering with neighbours; all the while during the call, I was mystified by how much longer the roasting chicken was taking to reach a safely cooked temperature!

Last night, we binge-watched The Queen’s Gambit on Netflix. It was the perfect pre-birthday date-night, pizza-and-Netflix night. Based on a friend’s recent Facebook post, I was waiting for the piece “Classical Gas” to drop in the program somewhere and accompany the rich, vivid and sprawling depiction of America in the nineteen-fifties to mid-nineteen-sixties, and it did not disappoint.

Check out the show… it’s very well made, and the scenes are so well created, it looks just like walking into that era.

Now you know very little about why this is my song of the day for today. Thanks for joining me here, and please enjoy. Just cleaned up after dinner, and now, it’s time for more of The Queen’s Gambit… with some birthday cake!

Here’s the audio for the song from the Mason Williams YouTube topic channel (I understand he was the first to play this song on guitar):  

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