This morning during a chat with a friend from Atlantic Canada, we both recalled fun times we’d had at beaches in our respective provinces this past summer. That has caused me to think about vacation travel.

Today, the stairs and sidewalks outside the house were all covered with slick ice. It would be a great time to be away somewhere warm and sunny… like the WhatsApp profile picture of Sweety and me in Hawai’i almost seven years ago; a photo that a friend in Colorado was admiring today when we connected on that platform.

Alas, we have to stay home, so travel isn’t an option anyway. But it’s good that we can get outside for fresh air and, like I did today, for groceries. Too slippery for “wandering aimlessly” like I did the other day though…

Today I’m sharing yet another track, “Cinnabar,” from the expanded version of Roger and Brian Eno’s 2020 album Mixing Colours.

The video is one of the originals Brian Eno and Peter Chilvers made for the album. In addition to their videos, they and the record label held a video competition, which I wrote about in my post on “Wintergreen.”

The video for today’s selection depicts one of my favourite things about the travels my sweety and I have done by train in England, Spain and France: the view from a train window. Pulling out of the station, passing through industrial areas, then suburbs and gathering speed through the outskirts of a city, and finally out into the open countryside.

Someday we will do that all again.

Now you know a little about why this is my song of the day for today. Thanks for joining me here, and please enjoy.

Here’s the official music video for “Cinnabar” from the Mixing Colours website (hosted on the Deutsche Grammophon YouTube channel):

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