Time Can Be Overcome

This evening, I’m sharing a song from one of my favourite compilations, Arts & Crafts: X.

I previously shared “Lonely Is as Lonely Does” from that album in a post from March 2020. And as I mentioned there, the record label made this collection in 2013 as part of its tenth-anniversary celebration. (I also own another Arts & Crafts celebratory compilation, Arts & Crafts 2003 – 2013, a 34-track marathon.)

Each song on Arts & Crafts: X is a pairing of two artists from the label’s roster in an innovative concept that produced a unique and varied aggregation. In the case of today’s song, it’s The Darcys (a Toronto, Canada art-rock duo) and Ra Ra Riot (an American indie rock band from Syracuse, New York, USA) performing the Canadian indie rock band Constantines’ “Time Can Be Overcome,” a track I mentioned in the March post.

As I was looking through my digital collection, I noticed the track title, and it made me think of a course on life transitions that I finished yesterday. The song is not correct, though: we cannot overcome time, so our work is to prepare for the future with intention, presence and commitment. I am working on those and have a few more tools, plus connections I made with the facilitator and classmates. I’m optimistic, blessed, healthy and generally content. That’s a good start, I’d say. So while I may not overcome time, perhaps I can continue to overcome the challenges time brings to me.

“Time Can Be Overcome” is wonderfully instrumented and sung, and the production and effects are terrific.

“Now, architect, now, archaeologist
Now a man whose hand’s in the past
Somebody’s made to face the changes
Somebody’s built to last

What do you know? Still living so young
Tomorrow’s no burden
Time can be overcome
Time can be overcome

No need yet to caution, no need for amen
Yesterday’ll break your heart, tomorrow’ll kill you dead
Hounding history, time can be overcome
All real and familiar things undone

Chisel and hammer
Raise the ruined architecture
I will love and understand her

What do you know? Still living so young
Tomorrow is no burden
Time can be overcome
Time can be overcome

Time can be overcome”

(“Time Can Be Overcome,” by Will Kidman, Steve Lambke, Doug MacGregor, Bry Webb, Dallas Wehrle)

A great song, and as I often find, the interpretation by The Darcys and Ra Ra Riot adds so much to the original piece.

Now you know a little about why this is my song of the day for today. Thanks for joining me here, and please enjoy.

Here’s the audio, from the Arts & Crafts SoundCloud album page:

And here is a video with the Constantines’ version of their song in what video producer Mario Scenna calls a “cross between a film and a music video.”

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