Downtown Lights

With another weekend here and us firmly in December, this would typically be when people would be filling the stores, doing their holiday season shopping. Well, not in my city, Winnipeg, Canada. Stores continue to be restricted to selling essential items only for in-person shopping; all other sales are by online/phone orders, with delivery or curbside pickup.

One thing that isn’t restricted is going outside for exercise, and we’re fortunate here that the weather has been sunny and mild, with the temperature hovering around 0°C (32°F). A friend contacted me today about meeting up for a walk. We agreed this would be a good way to spend some time together safely.

I haven’t been out walking at night for a while but thought of that when seeing today’s song’s title in my collection. I suppose all the usual Christmas light displays will be on, so it might be a thing to do with my sweety soon. (When we walk together, it is usually always in daylight, but maybe we’ll take a drive around to see the lights, too.)

Annie Lennox released “Downtown Lights” on her 1995 album, Medusa. It’s a cover of a song by Scottish band The Blue Nile, written by Paul Buchanan, and was the lead single for that band’s 1989 album Hats. Lennox adds her style to the song while retaining the trademark vibe of The Blue Nile.

“Sometimes I walk away
When all I really wanna do
Is love and hold you right
There is just one thing I can say
Nobody loves you this way
It’s all right, can’t you see
The downtown lights

In love we’re all the same
We’re walking down an empty street
And with nobody comin’ on me
Empty street, empty night
The downtown lights

How do I know you feel it
How do I know you feel it
How do I know you feel it
How do I know it’s true
It’s alright

Tonight and every night
Let’s go walking down this empty street
Let’s walk in the cool evening night
Wrong or right, be at my side
The downtown lights…
It will be all right
It will be all right
The downtown lights

How do I know you feel it
How do I know you feel it
How do I know you feel it
How do I know it’s true
It’s alright
It’s alright
The downtown lights
Yea yea

Neons, every cigarettes
The rented rose and rented cars
The crowded streets, the empty bars
Chimneytops, the trumpets
The golden lights, the loving prayers
Colored shoes, the empty trains
I’m tired of crying on the stairs
The downtown lights”

(“Downtown Lights,” by Paul Buchanan)

Lennox’s music has appeared on this blog previously, with her original “Stay By Me” (from her album Diva) and a cover of “Summertime” (from Nostalgia). She’s one of my favourite singers, and Diva is one of my favourite albums. (And, another fantastic track from Diva was co-written by Lennox and The Blue Nile… coincidence?!)

Now you know a little about why this is my song of the day for today. Thanks for joining me here, and please enjoy. And whatever you get up to this weekend, stay safe and take care of yourself and those you love.

Here’s audio from the official Annie Lennox YouTube channel:

2 thoughts on “Downtown Lights

    1. Thanks so much for visiting, Karen – and it’s nice to encounter another Annie Lennox fan! I haven’t bought all the tracks to ‘Medusa’ yet, but among them, this is one of my favourites. A truly remarkable, soulful artist. I’m listening to ‘Nostalgia’ album right now. Stay safe and well.


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