Little Voices

In November 2014, American musician, composer, educator and producer Jimmy Greene released Beautiful Life, the first of two albums in tribute to his daughter Ana’s memory. She was murdered eight years ago today at the age of six. (The second album is Flowers – Beautiful Life, Volume 2, released in April 2017. Some months ago I posted another song, “When I Come Home,” from the first album.)

This morning I was getting started slowly, pondering the day’s memories and possibilities when a call came from a dear friend in Colorado telling me that this morning, the man I wrote about in my post on “Let It Be” also took his last breath today. While I’m sad for my friends and all those this girl and this man touched during their lives, I’m grateful to have met her in person, and him on a few occasions in online meetups.

Later, I had a conversation with another trusted friend and guide about the world’s state and changes and challenges in this time. It was an affirming conversation, leading me to think about what it takes to truly improve oneself and, in little ways, the world.

Today’s song talks about similar ideas and seems a good fit for the day. “Little Voices” features spoken word by American actor and singer Anika Noni Rose and singing by the Linden Christian School Early Years Choir (of Winnipeg, Canada) directed by Brenda Johnson.

“Now there’s just silence, where those little voices used to be
Now it’s up to you; it’s up to me
Will you make the choice to be a voice… “

(from “Little Voices,” by Jimmy Greene)

Greene isn’t alone in turning tragedy into good works. His wife Nelba created the The Ana Grace Project, which promotes “love, connection, and community for every child and family.” Her project has initiated and championed numerous programs and actions to strengthen supports for children and families, all in memory of Ana’s beautiful life.

“Remember me, remember me… “

Now you know a little about why this is my song of the day for today. Thanks for joining me here.

Here’s the audio from the Jimmy Greene YouTube topic channel:

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