This morning, I listened to part of the archive of Friday’s episode of KEXP’s The Morning Show with John Richards, as I’d missed the start of the program that day.

In Richards’ opening set, he played “Belong,” an R.E.M. song covered by the Hobart, Australia band, Quivers. I Shazamed the piece, but the app couldn’t find it. No wonder; it was only released ten days ago or so, as part of Quivers covering the entirety of R.E.M.’s 1991 album, Out of Time.

The song captivated me, so I went to the Internet to find out about it and the band. They don’t have a website but have Bandcamp and Facebook pages. I eventually located their cover version of Out of Time, available on Bandcamp for purchase as a digital download or limited edition, long-play record. The Bandcamp page introduction says, “Quivers make cathartic guitar pop that jangles and shimmers somewhere between 1980s Australia and 1990s America.”

The vocal harmonies on the recording, particularly on “Belong,” are ethereal, wrapped up in beautiful instrumentation and production. There’s some really solid twang. It’s a delightful sounding collection. On another track, “Texarkana,” I found Bella Quinlan, one of the band’s two female singers, sounded a little like Lydia Loveless, whom I’ve featured here before.

After discovering the song today, my sweety and I had a couple of conversations with our friend in Colorado about the mutual friend who died yesterday. We were invited to a Zoom gathering this evening, with some of the people who’d known this man over the years, and a theme among the sharing was belonging. The man had a kind, gentle, loving presence, and he helped and guided many people during his lifetime. He made people feel they mattered, were loved, and belonged.

Today has been a little chaotic, with several other conversations going on through it. It’s good to have the chance to sit now and reflect upon it all, and get back to a place of calm, hopefulness and remembering, while savouring some sweet sounds.

Now you know a little about why this is my song of the day for today. Thanks for joining me here, and please enjoy.

And if you like the music, please buy it, to support the artists who created it.

Here’s the audio from Quivers’ Bandcamp album page:

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