You Make Loving Fun

In the midst of internal upheaval in Fleetwood Mac, the band released “You Make Loving Fun” as the fourth single from the historic 1977 album, Rumours. Christine McVie (formerly Christine Perfect) wrote and sang the song.

Early this morning, in the lifting of a few days burdened with anxiety and darkness, this great piece of music came into my mind. This was long before the incomprehensible events of insurrection that occurred this afternoon in the United States’ capitol.

The song is a lovely piece, and when one thinks of the turmoil happening in the band at the time, it’s kind of miraculous that such a song could spring forth. Many songs on the album speak to the unravelling that was occurring in the relationships between John and Christine, and Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham. It made for some incredible music, though at some cost to the members of the band, I’m sure.

I think this song has lived in my consciousness since I first used to put the long-play record on my parents’ stereo in St. Norbert, Manitoba, many years ago. Back then, I’d make playlists of a sort by spinning one song from an LP, then changing to another record and eventually having a pile of records after a playlist session. I think my friends wondered what I was up to. I was always trying to play a mix that would appeal to everyone, to make them feel welcome. I took requests. Still do.

I awoke a little late this morning after a long time falling asleep last night. I did all the things my landlord, Perry Como the cat required of me, ate, read emails, then did a short recovery ride on the bike trainer. I cleaned up, had lunch and went shopping for groceries. As I arrived home and was sorting and washing vegetables, I received a series of texts from a local friend about an armed takeover of the American capitol building. I then met with a friend (from the US, incidentally) and later was blessed to talk with one of our sons, all while learning more about today’s incomprehensible events.

Now, as the day’s crimes sink in, I’m struck by the vast difference between the good and the bad of my day and, by extension, of society.

Sitting here tonight, watching it all continue to unfold, and being with my sweety, I’m grateful to be living in a place where I feel safe. I hope all people on this continent and the world will feel that, and feel the sense that comes from the song “You Make Loving Fun.”

I’m also struck by the juxtaposition of the song title and the violent events of today. I’m trusting that the idea of making love fun is what we should all aspire to and, really, is the only way forward.

And with tears at what is occurring in civil society, as I think my dear Colorado friend would say, also through tears, “Blessed be,” yielding things to the universe once we do all we can, humanly.

Sweety and I fervently pray our American lovelies will stay safe in this terribly uncertain time.

Now you know a little about why this is my song of the day for today. Thanks for joining me here.

Here’s the video for the song from Fleetwood Mac’s official YouTube channel:

Full lyrics are available from

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