Today is a fine day. A morning meditation shared with friends across the country; appointments made for car and house maintenance; a few text chats with various friends and family; then this afternoon, time outside with my sweety.

We walked along the river path in the sun with the temperature hovering around freezing. It was beautiful, peaceful and pleasant (well, except for a few times when we’d have to leap out of the way of groups coming our way who chose to occupy the whole path instead of socially-distanced sharing!).

I always feel a sense of amazement walking on the river’s frozen surface. Today, in the few places where there was no snow cover, I could see how deep the ice extends. We walked 6.2 kilometres (3.8 miles) and saw many delightful things: coloured ice sculptures, a gallery of painting and drawings displayed on trees, poetry frozen in blocks of ice with flowers and other plants; a toddler in a homemade sled pulled by her skating dad; a dog enthusiastically pulling its skate-shod human; and, many other people skating, skiing, walking, running or cycling and enjoying the mild weather.

Cruising on YouTube to find a calm instrumental piece as the daylight turned to dusklight, I found Brian Eno’s channel and, on it, “Capsule,” from the second disc in the extended version of Apollo: Atmospheres and Soundtracks. Originally released in 1983, it was the soundtrack for the documentary For All Mankind, about 1969’s Apollo 11 moon mission. Eno conceived, wrote, played and produced the album in collaboration with his brother Roger and Canadian musician and producer Daniel Lanois. The trio re-released the collection to coincide with last year’s 50th anniversary of the moon landing. The second disc, added in the 2019 version, contains 11 tracks that expand and “reimagine” the soundtrack.

While the album is mainly ambient, “Capsule” is more melodic though still heavily electronic, and includes a subtle flavour of the country-twangy guitar that gives “Deep Blue Day” (from disc 1) much of its character. (Please check out my post from January 6, 2019, for that track and a bit more of the story on the guitar part. And, if you want more examples of moon-themed music, check out my post on “Yellow Moon.”)

Perhaps “Capsule” is meant to represent the constancy of the orbiting command module, piloted by astronaut Michael Collins while commander Neil Armstrong (1930-2012) and astronaut Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin landed the lunar module and and walked upon the Moon.

The piece has a lovely, ambling quality that fits with the mood of today; time spent walking on the frozen Assiniboine River… or maybe imagining a walk on the surface of the Moon.

Now you know a little about why this is my song of the day for today. Thanks for joining me here, and please enjoy.

Here’s the video for the song from Brian Eno’s official YouTube channel:

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