Big Jet Plane

So, hands up, everyone who’s yearning to get away on holiday!

It’s now over a year since the first COVID-19 cases developed worldwide, and most of us have spent ten or more months in some form of restricted lifestyle.

Like the character in the video for today’s song, many are trapped in unrewarding routines (or ruts?), dreaming of riding in a big jet plane or, for those of us in cold winter, a car with the windows rolled down and the warm summer wind rushing in. Instead, we’re figuratively stocking shelves in the lonely dollar store, cleaning up spilled bags of candies, washing windows, taking out the recycling. (By coincidence, earlier this morning, I changed things up and washed all the fronts of the lower cupboards in our kitchen. Looks great! And the high ones? Well, that’s going to be another unexpected treat, maybe in a day or two… I’m not going to plan, just let it happen…)

In this time of isolated living, we must find ways toward inspired existence, not just fear and drudgery. Yesterday, my sweety learned through a friend and guide about Esther Perel, a Belgian psychotherapist, speaker and author. In a YouTube talk, Perel speaks about nurturing eroticism — and by that, she’s not referring to sex, but rather the qualities of vitality, curiosity and spontaneity that are often absent in our lives since the arrival of the “great unknown.” Flattening the curve, though necessary, has also flattened our lives. Our positive imaginations have been somewhat replaced by fantasizing about doom. She highlights missing what she refers to as erotic experiences like being in nature, meeting up with someone and turning it into a coffee date, hosting or attending weekly dinner parties, hugging friends and family, and going to the restaurants and the theatre.

All those things will come back, but when? In the meantime, I’m opening to spontaneity this weekend… maybe drive out of the city, a walk in a park, a cross-country ski together. And make arrangements to safely visit our grandson (and his parents). What will you do this weekend?

Australian musicians Angus and Julia Stone formed their self-named band in 2006 and have released four studio albums. “Big Jet Plane” comes from Down the Way (2010). It’s a song I heard on KEXP Seattle some time ago. Coincidentally, right after the YouTube video played this morning, the autoplay cued up a piece by M83, another band whose music KEXP introduced to me.

Now you know a little about why this is my song of the day for today. Thanks for joining me here, and please enjoy.

Here’s the official music video from the Nettwerk Music YouTube channel:

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