I’ll Bring the Sun

Happy Friday!

Today I’m sharing a song by Canadian singer-songwriter Jason Collett, a solo artist and member of the Canadian band Broken Social Scene.

In an earlier post, I shared his collaboration with fellow Canadian musician Hayden (aka Paul Hayden Dresser) on the melancholy but captivating “Lonely Is as Lonely Does,” from the Arts & Crafts label’s tenth anniversary compilation album Arts & Crafts: X.

In “I’ll Bring the Sun,” the song’s subject is unclear though it seems to centre around missed expectations in relationships, but the song’s uptempo beat seems to side-step that.

Ironically, in the last couple of weeks of often dull, overcast skies where I live in Winnipeg, Canada, this song has randomly played several times on the Car Tunes playlist I’ve listened to while doing indoor bike trainer rides. The song’s beat and the fact that Collett did bring the sun today seemed to make it a good selection.

“I’ll Bring the Sun” comes from Collett’s 2005 album, Idols of Exile, which is available for purchase and download from Bandcamp.com at 9.00 CAD and up. And in case you are looking to buy some music, today is Bandcamp Friday, a good day to support artists as the music download platform is once again waiving its fees all day. All proceeds go to the artists on purchases made until midnight, Pacific time. (As many of us are in different time zones, check the Bandcamp site, which has a countdown clock running for the promotion.)

Now you know a little about why this is my song of the day for today. Thanks for joining me here, and please enjoy.

Here’s the audio for the song from Jason Collett’s Bandcamp album page:

Official lyrics are available on the Bandcamp song page.

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