This weekend has been one of contemplation and reflection for me.

Some time ago, I had bookmarked the video for Japanese musician and producer Kumi Takahara’s classical strings piece, “Tide,” and today feels like the right day to share it. The Tokyo, Japan-based record label FLAU had posted the video in January as an advance promotion for her album See-Through, which they released a week ago.

There’s a peacefulness in scenes of bare feet on a beach, waves and clouds, and windswept, hoar-frosted delicate leaves. The video is often monochromatic but also has reflective and abstract, colourful scenes and the fast-motion melting of a block of ice, or melting ice with leaves in it. The music builds in a way that reminds me slightly of the third (Lento) movement from Henryk Gorecki’s Symphony No. 3, Opus 36. There’s also a touch of an ambient-like vocal chant punctuating the piece in several places.

It’s a peaceful transition into a lazy afternoon with not much I feel a need to do — other than appreciate my life and its many blessings. (And post a song.)

Now you know a little about why this is my song of the day for today. Wherever the video finds you today in our COVID-stressed world, I hope you enjoy it, too.

Here’s the video from FLAU’s official YouTube channel:

The piece is available for purchase from the iTunes Store/Apple Music or Bandcamp.

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