Weird Fishes

Happy Friday!

On this bright, sunny day (and cool/windy… not like Monday’s “heatwave” day across Manitoba!) I’m sharing a song with dreamy and rocking aspects to it, “Weird Fishes,” by British singer-songwriter and producer Lianne La Havas.

I heard the song on BBC 6 Music’s Guy Garvey’s Finest Hour, the February 7 episode, “Enjoy Enjoy Enjoy” (his last show for the time being, while he records an album with Elbow).

This morning when surveying my list of songs I’ve been interested in lately, this one’s title brought to mind a memory of being a kid growing up in a Catholic home. Fridays were days we would have fish for our evening meal. I can’t remember what kind of fish we usually had, though it wasn’t necessarily my favourite meal of the week. But like other repeated practices, it did, I suppose, add to my absorption of ritual and ceremony as an aspect of everyday life, something I am studying right now. (By the way, maybe I didn’t like it but I don’t remember eating any weird fish…)

La Havas covers the song, written by the members of the English band Radiohead, on her third and self-titled neo-soul album, released in 2020. An article on Wikipedia describes it as a concept album and a song cycle depicting “the stages of a relationship, from early romance to demise.” Placed just past midway through the album, I’m not sure where on the continuum between early romance and demise the song belongs, due to the strange lyrics. The keyboard that soon joins the drums gives a dreamy kind of sound that implies some level of contentment, as does the vocal about following another… so perhaps the song represents the maturing of the relationship. The primarily instrumental outro’s busyness seems to allude to the buildup of conflict or passion, though it too ends on a more peaceful note. What do you think?

I’m not familiar with the Radiohead version of the song and don’t know much of La Havas’s music, other than a few pieces YouTube offered up on autoplay while I wrote this post. I liked some of it, though not as much as “Weird Fishes.”

Now you know a little about why this is my song of the day for today. Thanks for joining me here, and please enjoy.

Here’s the official music video from Lianne La Havas’s YouTube channel:

Full, unofficial lyrics are available courtesy of

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