The Last Exit

The few songs I know by the British/American band Still Corners all have an aspect of long-distance driving… and apparently, that’s not by accident…

Such was the case for “The Trip” (from their 2013 album Strange Pleasures), the only other song of theirs that I’ve posted. I like hearing that song when I’m in the first few minutes of a long indoor bike trainer ride, and I smile at the line, “So many miles… Away…” as it feels like some gentle motivation.

Likewise, on the road trip front, the song “The Last Exit” (from the 2021 dream pop album of the same name) and its official music video depict a woman in a classic sports car on a remote stretch of highway in Joshua Tree National Park in California, USA. The band’s YouTube video notes section explains that this is the last song of their Road Trilogy, which, by coincidence, began with “The Trip,” something I hadn’t known when first getting to know that song and later posting it here on the blog.

“The Last Exit” seems to me to be about one who is returning from a journey of introspection, having gone through a period of feeling lost in darkness and probably carrying burdens from the past. The optimistic part of me thinks the ending is about coming home to a relationship that the woman left in the second part of the trilogy, “The Message” (from 2018’s Slow Air album, a song with a vibe that reminds me of the soundtrack from the 1980s Twin Peaks TV series). But maybe the woman is coming home to herself, the one she discovered in her soul work out on the open road. Either way, hopefully she is arriving at a better place.

I find “The Trip” to be the trilogy’s lighter song, though they all have Still Corners’ trademark dreamy sound. As does their label Sub Pop, the band does an outstanding job of their YouTube posts, providing all the relevant links to buy or stream the album/song, descriptions about the song/video, and even the official lyrics, which I like to include in my posts.

Now you know a little about why this is my song of the day for today. Thanks for joining me here, and please enjoy.

Here’s the official music video from the Still Corners’ YouTube channel. The band says in the notes that Australian director Peter Weir’s 1975 film Picnic at Hanging Rock inspired their video.

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