Crazy Lowdown Ways

Happy Friday!

This afternoon, I was looking for a song with a Friday kind of beat. Then as I scrolled down my YouTube feed, it serendipitously served up the suggestion of the Birmingham, England band Ocean Colour Scene’s “Crazy Lowdown Ways.”

I’ve featured the group once before; please see my post on their song, “Up on the Downside.”

“Crazy Lowdown Ways,” released in 2001, did not appear on a studio album but appeared on the compilation Anthology (2003). Apparently, it was their worst-charting single, which has me shaking my head a little.

The song has a rollicking, exuberant beat and melody with a touch of psychedelia in the bridge, though the lyrics seem to tell the story of discord in a relationship. But life’s like that sometimes, isn’t it? We celebrate one thing, then in another part of our life, there’s a heavy burden, so we put on brave faces and push through, sometimes in silence or alone. It’s best if we can open up to family and friends in those times, but not everyone has connections like that. And that’s made things much harder for some folks during the pandemic.

I like that the song seems to end on a promising note and wish you all a happy, hopeful weekend without any crazy, lowdown ways to endure.

Now you know a little about why this is my song of the day for today. Thanks for joining me here, and please enjoy.

Here’s the video from Ocean Colour Scene’s official YouTube channel:

Full, unofficial lyrics are available courtesy of

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