Recently, a friend shared on Facebook that she introduced her son to the music of the American post-punk, “no wave” band, Sonic Youth.

Guitarist and singer Thurston Moore formed the group in New York City, New York, USA, in 1980. Then, following the breakdown of his marriage with bassist and singer Kim Gordon, Sonic Youth played their final shows in 2011. While active, they compiled an impressive discography (according to Wikipedia): 15 studio albums, four compilations, six video albums, 46 music videos, 8 EPs, 21 singles, and they appeared on eight bootlegs and 16 soundtracks. Also, they released ten albums under Sonic Youth Recordings, a label they created to work with themselves and others.

The indie rock band was active during my younger adulthood, and while knowing of them, I never followed them. I don’t think I knew any of their songs. I consider myself eclectic in my music tastes, but there are so many bands I’ve never heard of, or just never listened to. Sometimes I think this might be a good reason for subscribing to a streaming service like Apple Music, as the service “learns” one’s taste and offers similar music by many different artists. So it would be a great way to discover, though as I’ve said many times on this blog, I’m concerned about the meagre payments-per-play from streaming services to musicians. That said, it’s also true that buying doesn’t always get a lot of money to the artists unless buying directly from them… it’s a conundrum. But I digress.

Back to the band, my friend posted the song she used to orient her son to Sonic Youth: the music video for “Disappearer,” which seemed an ideal place for me to start, so I checked out the video, and that’s what I’m sharing today. It’s kind of campy, like a B-movie, but I don’t mean that in a bad way. It’s a catchy tune, and I’ll probably try to learn more about their music.

The song comes from their sixth album, Goo, released in 1990.

Now you know a little about why this is my song of the day for today. Thanks for joining me here, and please enjoy.

Here’s the video for the song from Sonic Youth’s official VEVO / YouTube channel (warning… there are a few short bits with strobe lights):

Full, unofficial lyrics are available courtesy of AZLyrics.com.

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