Rock Pools

Today I thought I’d look for another unknown (to me) artist or song in the hopes of finding something new and spring-like to enjoy, kind of like shopping for a new spring outfit.

You see, in my city of Winnipeg, Canada, on Monday and Tuesday, we were hit with a late winter storm that dropped a significant amount of snow. (Yeah, on my birthday of all days!) About eight inches of soft, wet, heavy snow accumulated, much more in some areas due to drifting, and I finally went out to shovel it today. I briefly debated hauling out the snowblower we share with neighbours, but the amount of snow didn’t seem to justify that. Anyway, it was a chance to get outside and get some fresh air and exercise after staying shuttered away inside for those two blustery days.

Browsing through YouTube suggestions, I found a catchy tune and lovely music video by English singer-songwriter Saint Saviour (born Rebecca Jones). But, after a few more of her songs played, I realized I’d already posted a piece of hers before (please see my post on “Let it Go”).

Jones began her solo career and the Saint Saviour persona around the same time as she was the touring lead singer for the English electronica duo Groove Armada from 2009 to 2012. (I’ve previously posted a piece of theirs, “At the River,” that pre-dates Jones’s time with the group.) Her voice has a lovely softness to it, and I found it to really complement the music video for today’s selection, “Rock Pools,” which features American singer-songwriter Willy Mason in a beautiful duet.

The video starts with a lone Black man dressed in white, skateboarding through a park in the autumn. After a while, he is joined by a creature with a computer-generated, furry sort of appearance who skateboards along with him, helps him up when he falls, and finally waves farewell and disappears over the sparkling river into the late-afternoon sun.

The man seems to have confidence about him that I find reassuring and inspiring in a time when tragedies of many kinds disproportionately affect people of colour. It almost seems like the creature is present even after he disappears, as if he symbolizes hope and protection. And the autumn light reminds me so much of the warm glow of colours that emerges in spring, a time of rebirth, renewal and re-creation.

So, along with the song’s hopeful sounds, the video provides respite from our now-too-long winter; and perhaps the changing of seasons also nurtures faith in moving beyond the crushing restrictions, isolation, health threats and other oppressions that many of our global neighbours feel.

I only dug the narrowest of paths through the snow on our sidewalks today. I’m trusting in Mother Nature that it will soon melt, nourishing the ground and coaxing the garden’s plants and insects out of their slumbers, bringing new life to the world again.

Now you know a little about why this is my Song of the Day for Today. Thanks for joining me here, and please enjoy.

Here’s the video for the song from Saint Saviour’s official YouTube channel. Official lyrics are posted in the notes section beneath the video pane.

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