Destination: Anywhere (from the film, The Commitments)

Happy Friday!

Destination: anywhere? These days, it’s more like destination: nowhere. But being at home isn’t so bad now that summer is here. And my oh my, is it ever here. It was only two weeks ago that gardeners in Winnipeg, Canada were covering their plants overnight to protect against frost. Today, the temperature reached 36.1°C (97°F) after being 30°C or higher all this week. This week my sweety and I have been spending hours lounging in our screened veranda, affectionately known as the summer porch.

I was looking for blues songs today but then ended up checking out the soundtrack to the 1991 Alan Parker musical-comedy-drama The Commitments. (Please see my post on “Dark End of the Street” for more on the movie.)

“Destination: Anywhere” is by the American husband and wife songwriting / recording / production duo Ashford and Simpson (Valerie Simpson, and Nickolas Ashford [1941-2011]). The Marvelettes, an American female singing group, released it as a single in 1968.

The soul band from The Commitments covers the song in the movie, featuring Niamh Kavanagh on lead vocal, with Angeline Ball, Maria Doyle and Bronagh Gallagher on backup vocals. Although the song is about a woman booking a train ticket to get away after a relationship breakup, it’s a lively, uptempo song with a kind of carefree beat that really evokes summer.

Ah, yes, summer. It’s great beach weather here, especially if you have shelter from the sun, such as an umbrella tent (one of our primary pieces of beach gear). But this weekend the beaches will be packed, so we’ll wait until next week when they’re not so crowded.

So, there are destinations, after all.

Wherever you go or don’t go, enjoy the weekend!

Now you know a little about why this is my Song of the Day for Today. Thanks for joining me here, and please enjoy.

Here’s the audio for the song from The Commitments YouTube topic channel:

Unofficial lyrics are courtesy of

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