Crystalline Pools

A couple of months ago, I posted some music that had been shared with me, by Michigan, USA-based Seth Bernard. (Please see my post on “Sandman’s Dust” for more on him and his work and art.)

This week, Bernard released a new single and music video, “Crystalline Pools.” On the Bandcamp page for the song, he explains the inspiration for the music, which came to him while spending time at the Woody Guthrie Foundation. He based the song around the bedtime ritual for his daughter.

It’s a poignant song. The video beautifully portrays the father teaching his daughter about her lineage and life; all those lessons we wish to teach our children, so they will grow and thrive long after we are gone, with their ancestors always standing behind them.

Sitting here this afternoon in the summer porch, fed, watered and sheltered from the heat of the sun, with many birds chirping wildly and the enlightenment of Pluto Living (who is trying to unravel the secrets of the universe) coming from Sweety’s iPad, it’s a good day.

Now, if only we were allowed to gather with our family, make them some food, share stories and memories, witness their grown wisdom… and give them all the hugs missed over the past fifteen months.

Until then, there are the words Seth Bernard says to his daughter each night, “The strength of your heart will carry you through your whole life.”

Now you know a little about why this is my Song of the Day for Today. Thanks for joining me here, and please enjoy.

Here’s the music video from the Earthwork Music YouTube channel:  

“Crystalline Pools” is available for purchase from Seth Bernard’s Bandcamp song page:

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