It’s Just Another Morning Here

Yes, it’s just another morning here. It’s a Friday, though, so that means some of you will have few days off. And this weekend, pandemic restrictions are being lifted slightly here in Manitoba to allow gatherings of up to five people from two households, outside, on private property. It’s something, and I’m glad we’ll be able to see a few folks safely.

“It’s Just Another Morning Here” is a song that my sweety and I have listened to for many years, on Nanci Griffith’s 1993 compilation album, The MCA Years: A Retrospective. I’ve mentioned before, it’s an album we associate with a couple we met in 1998 and who we remained close friends with, although one in the couple died four years ago.

The song initially appeared on and is the opening track of Griffith’s 1991 release, Late Night Grande Hotel. The title track of that record is another longtime favourite and made its way onto our wedding CD. I’ve posted that and a few other Griffith songs on this blog; check out the links in my post on her cover of “From a Distance.”

To me, today’s selection seems to be about being stuck in fear of change; maybe new love has come, and the singer is afraid because of past relationships that didn’t work out? Or perhaps she’s stuck in a rut, or fearful of one. At the same time, I think the singer realizes every day is a chance to start fresh and is to be appreciated. Whatever it really means, it’s classic Nanci Griffith, singing in her charming way about life and its challenges, and hope.

The telephone is ringin’ in the middle of the night
I pull the bedclothes higher
Will it stop calling out if I turn out the light?
I’m afraid of these shadows here
’Cause my past is truly frightening
And I’m afraid of the warmth in the down
Of a feathered heart in flight

It’s just another morning here (it’s morning)
It’s just another morning here
It’s just another morning here (it’s morning)
And it’s a miracle what it comes around
Every day of the year

The neighbors scream and their baby cries
I’m hiding in the corner
I won’t be them, pray I won’t be them one day
Maybe it’s just the breath of August
So hot upon my shoulders
Or the open window for the winged heart
To fly away

(“It’s Just Another Morning Here,” by Nanci Griffith.
Unofficial lyrics are courtesy of

Whichever side of the bed you woke up on today, I hope it’s a good one for you. Happy Weekend!

Now you know a little about why this is my Song of the Day for Today. Thanks for joining me here, and please enjoy.

Here’s the audio for the song from the Nanci Griffith YouTube topic channel:

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