I have been thinking a lot about the people of Ukraine as the Russian aggression continues.

We see the Ukrainian people’s indomitable spirit and examples of the worldwide support being offered to them during this horrific time. Yesterday afternoon, the Ukrainian Canadian Congress held a rally at the Manitoba Legislative Building. Organizers say about 5,000 people attended, flying Ukrainian flags and cheering on federal, provincial, municipal and community leaders who united to speak up for the cause. It was a moving and inspiring event.

Also, this weekend,, the indoor online bicycle training platform, hosted group rides for subscribers to show solidarity. More than 1,800 cyclists from around the world signed on to one of these rides today. Many of us changed our countries of origin in the program so that our avatars displayed the Ukrainian flag, and switched to virtual jersey designs that featured its blue and yellow colours. And most of us stopped pedalling to observe a minute of silence halfway through the 60-minute ride. It was quite something to be part of.

And, my sweety also told me that the Canadian government will match donations to the Canadian Red Cross dollar-for-dollar. These are just a few of so many initiatives in a hopeful outpouring of support for Ukraine, at a time where there is much upheaval and suffering in many places around the globe.

I thought I would post music by a Ukrainian composer to feature today, on Classical Sunday. I chose “Melody,” by Myroslav Mykhaylovych Skoryk (1938-2020), from the album Consolation: Forgotten Treasures of the Ukrainian Soul (2017). The 21-track collection represents numerous musical styles and settings from the 19th to the 21st centuries.

“Melody” is a short piece featuring Polish-Ukrainian soprano Olga Pasichnyk and her sister, Ukrainian pianist Natalya Pasichnyk, and Swedish violinist Christian Svarfvar.

I feel that today’s selection solemnly conveys the qualities of perseverance, courage and depth of soul we are witnessing from Ukraine’s people. I recommend listening to the whole album as a sampling of the country’s culture.

Now you know a little about why this is My Song of the Day for Today. Thanks for joining me here.

Here’s the audio from the Natalya Pasichnyk YouTube topic channel, where the entire album appears as a playlist.

With my best wishes,


2 thoughts on “Melody

  1. You’re so right, Stephen. It is rather heartbreaking in the current climate. Here’s hoping for an end to the bloodshed.


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